Fighting Patient Infection

Rapid, Sensitive, and Affordable Testing

First Light Products


The market problem

  • ~2 million critical Hospital Associated Infections cause ~100,000 deaths and cost ~$30 billion per year
  • Two types of bacteria (MRSA and C. difficile) cause nearly half of all fatal infections
  • Rapid and sensitive detection has been shown to significantly lower Hospital Associated Infections
  • Current diagnostics fail to meet the market need for rapid, sensitive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective tests
  • Microbiological tests are too slow, rapid immunoassays are insensitive, nucleic acid tests are too expensive

First Light’s Solution

  • First automated platform delivering speed, sensitivity, ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness, on-demand testing
  • Simple benchtop MultiPath analyzer supports a menu of consumable cartridges for detecting a broad range of resistant bacteria, toxins, and viruses
  • Pipeline tests for key agents causing hospital infections (e.g., MRSA, C. difficile, VRE)
  • Product applications include: screening, blood infections, surgical infections, skin infections, GI infections