Fighting Patient Infection

Rapid, Sensitive, and Affordable Testing

First Light MRSA/SA


The high performance, easy-to-use, and cost-effective diagnostic products that First Light Biosciences is developing are based on the company’s proprietary MultiPath technology. Using digital imaging, the MultiPath technology detects and counts fluorescent targets without using magnification (see figures at right). The MultiPath technology and products are protected by 5 pending patents.

Advantages of the MultiPath diagnostic testing products under development:

  • sensitive – comparable to PCR
  • rapid results – ~15 min (toxins), 3hr (resistant bacteria, e.g., MRSA)
  • fully automated – walk-away analyzer
  • on demand testing – load one sample or multiple samples
  • accurate – internal controls minimize false positives and negatives
  • no sample prep – one step sample addition
  • easy-to-use – no wash steps
  • high throughput analyzer – hundreds of tests per day
  • broad menu – tests for molecules, viruses, bacteria, fungi
  • range of sample volumes – from 1 µL to 1 ml
  • small footprint – benchtop analyzer fits in any laboratory
  • cost effective – affordable analyzer and consumables
  • flexible reporting – compatible with any hospital lab information system
Image cells without magnification